Associate Professor Louise Emmett
Director ANMU
Dr Emmett is an accredited Nuclear Medicine physician with specialty interests including nuclear cardiology and molecular bone imaging.

She undertook her medical undergraduate training in Auckland, New Zealand prior to completing her specialty training in Nuclear Medicine in Sydney, as well as a post-specialty fellowship in Toronto, Canada.

She has a strong interest in research, having recently completed a Doctorate of Medicine on myocardial perfusion imaging.

Dr Emmett's goal is to promote an innovative and evidence based approach to nuclear and molecular imaging at Alfred Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound with an aim to providing the highest standard of imaging care possible.



  • Deputy Director of Imaging Services, Director of Nuclear Medicine and PET, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

  • Clinical Associate Professor, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

  • Clinical Senior Lecturer, Discipline of Medicine, University of Sydney

  • Director, Alfred Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound, RPAH Medical Centre, Suite 206, 100 Carillon Avenue, Newtown, Sydney.


Professional Associations


Professional Experience:
  • BHB: Bachelor of Human Biology, Auckland University 1985-1987 New Zealand.
  • MBChB: Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine. Auckland University, New Zealand. 1988-1991. Final Grade. A+

  • FRACP: Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians Exam completed 1997. Fellowship awarded December 1999. ANZAPNM member/ credentialed.

  • Fellowship in Nuclear Cardiology: 2000-2001 University Health Network, Toronto, Canada.

  • Accreditation exam for the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology: December 2000: ASNC board accredited.

  • Staff Specialist: Concord Hospital Nuclear Medicine 2001-2011.

  • Director Concord Hospital Nuclear Medicine 2008-2012.

  • Senior Clinical lecturer in medicine, University of Sydney 2005-2011

  • PET accreditation finalised December 2010. Peter Macallum Cancer Institute, Melbourne.

  • Cardiac CT accreditation course completed: St Vincents hospital: October 2010. Final cases accrued. Approved for Level A accreditation.

  • Doctorate of Medicine (MD) with the University of Auckland: Subject: Transient Ischemic dilation: Clinical and pathophysiological mechanisms. Completed June 2012.

  • Deputy Director of Diagnostic Imaging, Director of Nuclear Medicine and PET St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney February 2012 –

  • Clinical Associate Professor, University of New South Wales February 2012 -


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