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General Patient Information

  • Ensure you bring the Referral that your doctor gave you.

  • Please bring any other test Results you may have.

  • Ensure you bring your Medicare Card, Health Care Card, Pension Card with you.

  • We endeavour to start your scan at your designated appointment time.

  • Delays can occur when:

    • Unforeseen difficulties arise with particular studies

    • Technical malfunctions occur

    • Delays in patient arrivals.

  • Patient scheduling:

    • If a patient has come after you and is taken in first, this means:

      • Their specific equipment is available for their particular test.

      • They are returning for their second part of their test.

      • Your equipment has been held up with technical difficulties.

    • As soon as your specific equipment becomes available, you will be ushered in.

    • Remember that only certain equipment can perform your particular study.

    • We always try to start your scan at your designated appointment time.

  • Please follow any instructions that may have been given to you e.g. fast from midnight, hydrate prior your test, arrive with a full-bladder, etc...

  • Inform staff if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

  • Inform staff if you are attempting to become pregnant.

  • Advise staff if you are allergic to anything.

  • Please advise staff if you are claustrophobic or have a phobia of needles.

  • Most studies require a small injection of a radioisotope.

  • Some studies require you to swallow or eat something.

  • There are no side effects to our injections.

  • Some studies are done in two or three parts; so be cautious not to overbook your day with other procedures or tests.

  • Results:

    • If you are seeing your doctor within 2 days, then the results will be given to you at the end of your test (allow 60 - 90 minutes).

    • If you are seeing your doctor within a week or two, then the results will be sent by Post (or courier) to your referring doctor (allow 2 - 3 days).

  • Parking:

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