payment policy


  • All Pensioners (except when Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) or Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) are performed.

  • Patients experiencing financial difficulties at referring Doctors request.


Private Patients:


questions about your bill
What billing or insurance information will I receive?
  • ​Upon full payment of your bill, a receipt will be issued. This should then be taken to Medicare (if you are lodging your claim yourself). Otherwise, you may want to retain your receipt for your records only.

  • Depending on your Private Health Insurance, it may or may not cover any gaps incurred. Check with your insurer.

  • If you are bulk-billed, we only require your signature and there are no receipts issued (unless a copy is requested).


How long will it take to get things settled with Medicare?

​What is the gap and why does it exist?
  • The gap is the difference between what the study actually costs and what Medicare gives you back (the rebate).

  • This difference is simply the shortfall required to cover the expenses of having such a test.

​Bone Mineral Density (BMD or DEXA) Billing:
  • For all Bone Mineral Density studies, there is an upfront fee in the range of $100 - $150.

  • The exact fee needs to be determined when we have assessed your medical history and Medicare criteria.

  • You will be able to claim a portion of these fees back form Medicare (pending your medical history).

  • If you have any queries concerning these fees, please feel free to contact us on 9519 9666.

  • ​Thank you for your understanding.

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